Find a Mentor, No matter How Good You are


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I always mention something which Saurabh Jain, VP, Paytm quoted at our event Startup Chaupal: “If we compare Arjuna and Karna, Karna was better warrior than Arjuna still he got defeated why? Because Krishan was there by Arjuna’s side.”

In the same manner no matter how talented you are, you need somebody who can guide you and tell you the rule of the game.

 I recently visited AIC- Manipal University for a pitching session. There was one startup who claimed that he is having very good revenue and now looking for funding. I started talking to him in detail before starting the pitching session and I was really impressed the way he has worked so far.

During our conversation He mentioned few big names of Mumbai and other places and told me that they agreed to be their mentors. I asked you started in Jaipur Do you have any mentor or guide here in Jaipur to which he replied : “Nahi yahan kisko banayenge, Yahan khudh ke mentor ham hi hain” And we laughed.

When he started pitching we realised that he had not taken care of the basics for example: He was claiming he has 5,000 clients but there is no process to capture those data., 50% payment he has received from his customers is in cash and there is no record etc etc. 

He was having no idea how these factors are going to effect his startups valuation, not only that it will question the credibility of the figures he was telling us. He believes that He is a Startup but because of there working it had become just just a Business.

Young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs must understand one thing , You could be a great Batsman but if you don’t know the basic rules of Cricket your batting skill is of no use, sometimes it may cause disaster. But if you get in touch with someone who probably is not a good batsman but knows the rules will help you win the game.

The day idea comes in your mind find some one who you can discuss your Startups idea. Sometimes you think your idea is out of the world but your mentor tell you that what you are thinking has a problem.

Having said that I would also like to Mention: “Always be wise finding a Mentor”

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